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Kolff Plants….direct from the grower

The Kolff Group is a consortium of specialist nurseries in Holland, France and Italy.
Kolff Plants handles all aspects of sales and service for the group. But when you buy from our growers you buy direct.
Whether you are looking for material to grow on, plants for landscaping schemes, or stock for resale, the nurseries within our group will have it covered.

Everything fromĀ Young Plants in Plugs and P9 Pots to Root Ball Hedging Plants. From Pleached and Shaped Trees, to Saleable Plants in Pots such as Rhodos and Azaleas. From Buxus Topiary, to Grasses and Perennials. From Bare Root Hedging and Transplants, to Native and Ornamental Trees. And last but not least Italian Specimen Plants.

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