Buy your trees, shrubs and perennials direct from our specialist growers.

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The benefits of buying direct from the grower

Kolff Plants handles all aspects of sales and service for the group, but when you buy from our growers you buy direct. So although your order acknowledgement come for us, your deliveries – and the invoices – come direct from our growers. No “in-between” trading margin, just good value prices for top quality plants!

Deliveries couldn’t be easier. During the Main Season, October to May we out-load three times a week, so your plant orders arrive in as little as three working days after they are placed.

Our Availability Lists include transport and packaging in the price so you know exactly how much you are going to pay when you order. And minimum deliverable quantities are low, often as little as two CC trollies or a pallet of root balls.

When you buy direct through Kolff Plants, you’ll be sure of a comprehensive range of top quality plants, real value for money and a delivery service that’s second to none.

  • Top Quality Plants

    Direct from market-leading growers

  • A Comprehensive Range

    Plugs to Pleaches, Root Balls to Rhodos

  • Great Value

    No in-between margin when you buy direct

  • An Unbeatable Delivery Service

    Get your plants the week after order - guaranteed

At Kolff Plants we are proud of our growers and delighted to be able to offer you a genuine ‘One Stop Shop’ for hardy nursery stock.

Some of Europe’s Top Growers

The Kolff Group has over twenty-five years experience in supplying top quality trees, shrubs and perennials to the horticultural trade in the UK and Ireland. During that time, we have developed a roster of growers who really are leaders in their field. We can boast some of Europe’s top producers of evergreen hedging, rhododendrons and azaleas, bare root transplants, pleached and shaped trees, ornamental grasses and nay other finished plants. At the same time we have young plant producers with an enviable reputation for the range and quality of their rooted cuttings, jumbo plugs and P9 liners.

A Full Range of Plants for the UK Market

Whether you’re looking for Italian specimen plants, hornbeam pleaches, instant hedging units of yew and laurel, or box and holly topiary, the chances are you’ll find just what you need readily available in the Kolff Plants portfolio. It’s the same with young plants, whether you’re after plugs of lavender or euonymus or liners of photinia. We have the complete range for the grower, in both retail and amenity markets.

A Cost Effective Offer

And remember, when you buy from Kolff Plants you’re buying “direct from the grower”. You can have the confidence of working with fellow professionals who fully understand your requirements because they are growers themselves. And because the nurseries ship and invoice to you directly, there are considerable savings against plants trade by a third party.

Just in Time – Every Time

At Kolff Plants we have always worked with one dedicated shipping company. Not only does this mean we can keep transport costs low, but it means we can guarantee delivery of your plants the week after the week of order and ship into the UK three times a week. What’s more are minimum order quantities a flexible and of as little as a couple of pallets or CC trolleys

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