Buxus, Taxus & Ilex Topiary

Topiary, the art of clipping plants, mainly evergreens, into formal architectural shapes and designs has a long history in European gardening. From the Romans through the Elizabethans to the modern day, trained plants have been used to mark out formal spaces, to provide eye catching focal points and to bring an element of imagination and fantasy into the garden.

If you are looking for plants to make a formal parterre or a knot garden.  Or if you are after geometric shapes to give structure, interest and rhythm to a planting scheme, Kolff plants will have exactly what you need. We can supply a full range of dwarf hedging and topiary pieces in Buxus, Taxus, and Ilex crenata. For low hedging, Buxus sempervirens is still the number one choice. We supply the full spectrum, from cost-effective bare root plants ( 20 cm up to 35 cm)  to excellent root balled material at sizes up to a metre and beyond. Both these formats can be planted densely and then lightly trimmed to achieve a real “instant” finish.

More recently both Ilex crenata (Japanese Holly) and Taxus baccata (Yew) are being employed in low hedging as alternatives to buxus.  These are also available from us during the main season. When it comes to topiary shapes we supply a comprehensive range of Balls, Cones, Cubes & Spirals from carefully selected Buxus specialists. This means  and you have access to consistently high quality and continuity of supply throughout the year.  Plants are conveniently and cost-effectively delivered on CC trolleys in any combination of shapes to suit you, while the largest specimens and feature plants shipped are loaded on flat pallets.

All our topiary specimens are freshly dug to order and the main sizes are containerised for ease of handling. On our availability lists you will find the main geometric shapes; balls, cones, spirals and cubes, in a spread of sizes.  More unusual shapes such as domes, pyramids and even animal figures and complex multi formed specimens can be quoted on request.