Young Plants

Young plants for growing on is one of the corner-stones of the Kolff Plants offer. Here in the Kolff Plants Group, we have a roster of specialist growers with a truly comprehensive catalogue of stock for growing on. Whether you are producing for the garden centre market, or for landscape and amenity, we can offer you cost-effective out-sourcing, reliable and consistent quality and a typical UK range of varieties IBN & Van Der Loo Nurseries between them produce over 30 million rooted cuttings a year in over 300 varieties.

Supplied in mainly 104 & 150 cell trays, they are ideal for potting into P9. But also the grow large plugs 73 cell tray with two or three cuttings in a plug. Perfect for potting directly into 2 and 3L pots. Armor Multiplants is leading French producer of Jumbo Plugs. They produce over 7 million plugs a year in an unsurpassed range of over 1300 varieties. Their plug sizes, 4cm to 7cm perfect for potting directly into 2,3 & 4L pots. We are also able to offer the grower a huge range of Perennials, Grasses, Ferns and Aquatics for potting on. Choose from bare root material, plugs or liners.

Holland Liners grows over 5 million top quality P9s per year. Their range of shrubs and conifers includes plenty of exciting new introductions. Whether you want to make their plants the corner-stone of your annual production from P9 or have the opportunity to use them as pre-packs and budget retail lines, Holland Liners have just the product you need. Their highly mechanized glasshouse environment ensures plants are always well rooted,  bushy and uniform. All their P9’s are pruned regularly to ensure they are bushy and uniform, which means they will give you excellent results in 2 & 3L every time.