Pleached & Shaped Trees

Nowadays, pleached and shaped trees are recognised as key component of garden design. Whether in a small domestic garden or a grand country estate they bring a sense of harmony and a satisfying architectural structure. They can be used to create living boundaries and divisions or ensure privacy for the “Outdoor Room”. Above all, they add formal style and elegance to any design project.

Our Nursery is a family business that has been growing premium quality shaped trees for prestige projects throughout Europe for over 45 years. They grow a terrific range of shapes and varieties. Their pleached trees, box heads (box-pleached) hornbeam or beech, screens, stilt hedges, espaliers and roof trees (table top trees), as well as small numbers of top quality multi-stems and one-off, unusual topiary pieces really are the ultimate in “instant” landscaping.

Young trees are budded on the nursery and each sapling is then meticulously selected to suit its final format. In winter young trees are carefully transplanted into their final position in the field and the following summer they are ready to be pruned and shaped. Pliable shoots are tied into pre-formed bamboo frames and the summers fresh growth is trimmed and shaped over the next two or three years. Only when the final shape is fully established they are ready for sale as mature specimens.

There is of course a “fresh” pleached option which can be trained on in the customer’s own garden if you prefer. But even this cost effective option bears the hall marks of the nursery’s premium quality. We offer over 60 varieties in 30 or so different forms – from rooftrees to pleaches, from hedge-screens to cube-heads. And we are delighted to be able to offer Kolff Plants customers direct access to such superb material. It’s an inspiring nursery and well worth a visit to see what they have to offer.