Grasses & Perennials


Herbaceous Perennials have been garden classics at least since the Edwardian era, when Jekyll and Luytens put the herbaceous border centre stage in gardens. More recently these plants have become fashionable again, as the 21st century designer experiments with environmentally sustainable, prairie-style planting and using herbaceous plants in landscaping drifts. Ornamental grasses too are becoming ever more popular with modern gardeners.

The Ornamental Grasses and Perennial Growers in the Kolff group cover a very wide range of varieties. If you are looking for some choice perennials for a design scheme or large quantities for an amenity project our growers will have what you need. We supply in all the most popular pot sizes from P9, through, 1L, 2L up to 5L specimen grasses. Our ‘t Heeseind nursery focusses on the core range of landscaping staples such as Bergenia, Geranium, Salvia, and Verbena. They also have all the mainstream grasses, like Hakonechloa, Miscanthus, and Pennisetum. They grow these in substaintial quantities in 2L pots. Shipping is possible on either CC  trollies or, what is often more cost-effective, in non returnable box pallets.
Our Griffioen Wassenaar nursery is one of the leading herbaceous suppliers to garden centres and multiples in the Netherlands and mainland Europe. They grow over 600 varieties in distinctive 1L royal blue pots and have bespoke colour labels available for their full range. Their product is perfectly presented for direct retail, but their strong chunky plants are also ideal for mass landscape planting.  They can also be a useful option for potting on into 2L or 3L. Highlights of their range include Aster, Campanula, Delphinium, Geranium, Hosta, Phlox, and ornamental Salvia.
Our Van Riel Grasses nursery also mainly grows for the garden centre retail market.  Their top quality selection of these very fashionable plants is always in strong demand. All their 2L materials is supplied in  stylish “square-round” containers which are unique to their nursery.  Look out too on the availability for their increasing range of superb 5L specimens! Batch production at the nursery means that they can offer an excellent selection of visually attractive material throughout the year.

What’s more they regularly bring the latest introductions into their range, such as Carex ‘Feather Falls’, Ficinia ‘Ice Crystal”, Liriope ‘Silvery Sunproof’ and Molinia ‘Carmarthen’. All their plants are delivered on  CC trollies and large, bespoke colour photo labels are available for the entire range.